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How can website video help your business?

Video is an essential component of today’s websites - and viewers expect to see it. You can use online video to introduce your company and staff, explain and promote your company’s products and services, promote specific events, demonstrate and train how to use or deliver your product or service… the advantages are endless.



Corporate video production

Corporate videos

Catalyst create dynamic and engaging corporate videos that inform and resonate with your customers. Promote your brand personality and reach out to the viewer in a believable way.
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Video production for business services

Services videos

A video to explain the services your company offers can help your customers to understand quickly what the service is about, what it offers and what the benefits are to themselves.
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Property video production

Property videos

Property videos help to increase sales! From your customer’s point of view, seeing a video of the property that they are interested in buying brings the experience to life.
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Product video production

Product videos

Selling product online calls for far more than just offering a better price than your competitors. Video provides a richer experience for your potential purchaser, keeps them on your site for longer and offers the opportunity for your product to sparkle.
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Demonstration video production

Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos are fantastic for showing your viewer your product in close-up detail, how it works, how to use your product and most of all, instils confidence to go ahead and buy. They also acts as a wonderful PR tool for your business.
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Event video production

Events videos

From exhibitions, speeches and presentations through to corporate days, company jollies and team-building exercises. Event video can enhance your brand, build the character and attract the right calibre of candidates to join your company.
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Aerial Property Photography

Aerial Property Photography

By using the latest HD drone technology Catalyst can provide shots that are just not possible with ground-based photography. Our aerial photographs can capture the size and scale of your residential or commercial property.
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Aerial Location Photography

Aerial Location Photography

Upgrade your marketing and PR by adding aerial location photography of your town, resort, business development or wildlife conservation area. Catalyst’s aerial location photography will give your marketing collateral the ‘edge’ over your competitors.
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Corporate Location Photography

Corporate Location Photography

Catalyst can provide photos of headquarter buildings, staff portraits, product and machinery shots, fleet photography and more. Our team works in collaboration on all aspects of a project to achieve your business goals; all in one convenient and efficient location.
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Catalyst Video Services offer a complete website video production service. Filming, including aerial video, editing, copywriting, music and voice-over are all produced in-house to create affordable information videos that can easily be embedded into your company’s website and social media sites.

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