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Photographing farming by drone

Aerial photography - Cambridgeshire farmingDrone photography

One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last year or two is the drone – high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints of common subjects.

When marketing property and farming estates, you’re trying to get people’s attention and get them to spend more time looking at the subject. Drone photography and video is definitely unique and offers a cool, interesting and eye-catching perspective.

Unique Views

Seeing the world from above is a metamorphic experience. A leafless tree becomes a spider web, a pond transforms into a sparkling jewel, while a harvest field simplifies into slashes of flaxen and gold. Rarely do we get the opportunity to turn our perspective upside down but Catalyst can now allow you to do just that. These spectacular images – all taken with our DJI drone cameras – are a delicious feast of color, texture and outstanding beauty.

The bird’s eye perspective drones offer, hovering closer to the ground than a helicopter ever could, has been dubbed “revolutionary.” In the saturated world of digital image, this new angle gives Catalyst an artistic edge. Historically most photographic images have been taken at ground level, so as soon you change the perspective slightly, everything looks different, everything looks eye-catching, Views that have been photographed again and again in the past are suddenly rediscovered when photographed with a drone.

Aerial shots can be both abstract and have a strong environmental slant. The perspective can make people question what they’re looking at. One thing that stands out is the amazing patterns you find in the landscape when viewed from above. Drones allow you to get into the area that most planes and helicopters are not allowed to – below 400 feet.

Low cost

In the past, to achieve aerial footage, helicopters were predominantly used due to their versatility over a fixed winged plane. However, you still needed a lot of time to prepare onsite and numerous staff to manage the process and ensure a safe operation. A drone team is much smaller and normally only consists of the pilot and an observer. This means that once arriving on site, we can be up and flying in around 5 minutes, assuming all site surveys and risk assessments have been completed. Also, should the lighting or weather during the day go against us we can simply land our drone and wait for the next window of opportunity. Even with a window of only a few minutes, we can launch our drone and get the required shot, something manned aircraft can never do.


Aerial photography - farming
Aerial photography - farming
Aerial photography - farming

Cambridgeshire farmland

Aerial photography - Cambridgeshire farmland
Aerial photography - Northamtonshire farmland
Aerial photography - Northamtonshire farmland

Combining barley

Aerial photography of farming services
Aerial photography of farming services


Aerial photography - Cambridgeshire village
Photographing farmland

Aerial photography of farmland

Ploughing using GPS technology

Aerial photography - farming
Aerial photography - farming
Aerial photography - farming

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