Aerial photography for property developers – drone photography and video is an essential part of every property developers tool kit. With high quality images, coupled with quick turnaround, the benefits are clear. Save time and money, communicate more effectively and help visualise concepts with aerial photography services tailored for architects and developers.

Show the complete picture with aerial photography

Aerial photography for developers allow you to present all the important information about a plot, its size, shape and how it relates to existing economic activity surrounding it. The benefits of aerial photography for property developers include:

  • Enables you to present a clear picture of development land/plot from all angles
  • Clearly show surrounding current land usage eg. other property developments nearby
  • Can show any surrounding transport infrastructure
  • Clearly demonstrate any impact on existing properties/developments/infrastructure

The value of aerial drone photography and video in the commercial land sales process

Our aerial drones can fly up to 400ft taking high definition photos, or smooth and detailed video footage of your potential development site. These photos and footage are up-to-date and more detailed than satellite data collected from Google Earth or Google Maps.

Images can be used for:

  • Development marketing
  • Progress reports
  • The planning process
  • Boundary disputes

In-house editing capability

Catalyst have years of experience using professional Adobe photo and video editing software. We can overlay our aerial images and video footage to incorporate your corporate image or design, to show the commercial property you are marketing in the best light.

CAA PFCO qualified and fully insured

Catalyst Video Services has a fully qualified and insured commercial aerial video drone pilot with a BNUC-S qualification and a CAA approved ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ (previously ‘Permission for Aerial Work’). This allows Catalyst to fly at altitudes of up to 400ft (120m) whilst adhering to the strict safety and operational rules necessary to ensure the safety of crew, public and buildings.

Our aerial photography for property developers service includes:

  • Pre-flight survey
  • On-site survey and risk-assessment to check for any potential hazards
  • A fully insured, safe and legal flight performed to CAA standards (see documents page)
  • High definition photographs or video
  • Colour correct and mosaic images
  • Add any annotations/logos if required
  • Add boundries or highlight areas
  • Removal of any distracting/unnecessary objects (vehicles, temporary signage etc.) if required
  • Delivery of images via Dropbox or on disk or flash drive

Recent aerial photography projects

Photography of large commercial development area alongside the new A14 for Cambridgeshire landowner

Photographs of potential development site alongside the new A14 at Godmanchester. These photos were taken at the early stages of the new A14 project so the architects could visualise the potential ‘landmark’ commercial office development under proposal.

Photography of potential building plot for Cambridgeshire architectural practice

Photography of potential building plot near St Neots in Cambridgeshire showing the surrounding developments and road infrastructure. The photos allowed the architects and developers to show how the project would impact on the houses close by, where the boundaries are and where potential access would be.

Aerial photos to promote a small ‘off grid eco house’ development area

The client was very specific about the views that were required in order to be able to show the impact on nearby housing and the effects on the environment. Catalyst were able to supply a range of views taken from different heights and aspects. Site context and presentation is critical to ensure a planning proposal is correctly considered. Our aerial photography services ensure that these factors are able to be clearly and attractively incorporated into any planning or development proposals.

More information

For more information about our aerial photography services for property developers contact Catalyst on 01832 293175 or email:

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