Autocue helps training video project run smoothly

Catalyst Video Services recently spent the hottest two days of the year indoors(!) filming a range of videos for a training agency. Based near to Peterborough, The Transformation Agency  provide online courses to help business leaders attain their full potential. The agency had previously produced short videos themselves but now felt that they needed to take them up to the next level. After an initial meeting Catalyst determined that they could complete the initial filming within two days due to their use of an autocue system.

Autocue system can be controlled remotely

Catalyst were able to help the project run smoothly by providing wireless mics and by loading the agency’s scripts onto their autocue system, operated via remote controller. This allowed our team to speed up or slow down the script as required. Sections could be paused where necessary and any that needed a reshoot could be quickly scrolled to. All helping the project to be speedily and smoothly completed.

Once the filming was finalised the footage was edited in-house using Final Cut Pro X. Apple Motion was integrated into the project to help speed up the editing by producing repeated ‘dropzones’ for the title screens and animated informational slide.

Latest hardware and software

By using latest technology and software Catalyst Video Services were able to provide the agency with a series of branded training videos, uploaded to their online training courses in an efficient and timely manner to an agreed budget.

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