Catalyst Video Services has recently begun a photo diary for their client Spirotech-SRD Group Ltd.

The photo diary task involves following the production of a significant order of 24 screw conveyors for a major foods manufacturer. Each part of the production process is being photographed and will eventually be added to the company’s website as a case study.

Photo diary gallery

Photo diary of screw conveyor production
Gallery of images taken so far for photo gallery

Tricky location

The engineering works location has provided quite a challenge for photographing the photo diary. Catalyst wanted to utilise ‘natural’ light as much as possible to reflect the nature of the work and as the works is lit by a multitude of different light sources including fluorescent, tungsten and natural light, careful consideration has been necessary to balance the lighting between shots.

The project itself is very time sensitive and requires a quick response from Catalyst to ensure that each stage of the project is captured.

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