Catalyst Video Services recently spent a few days videoing animals and humans at the wonderful Hamerton Zoo Park in Cambridgeshire.

Catalyst have produced a short promotional video for the zoos website and YouTube channel. The job consisted of a half day shooting aerial video footage by our newly BNUC-S qualified drone pilot Paul Crank and Observer Krystyna Wojcik. The drone was flown above several of the animal compounds including the tiger enclosure and around the perimeters of the zoo enabling good aerial views whilst maintaining strict safety procedures.

Promotional video – getting all the shots

Another day was spent touring the zoo grounds where Catalyst were given access to inner animal quarters to get close-up shots and to the ‘Up Close’ event where children are allowed to handle some of the safer creatures. Whilst these shots were being taken Catalyst also setup time-lapse cameras around the zoo to capture the build up of crowds at pre-defined times during the day. Shots in the cafe, shop and playground finished the filming which was then edited in Final Cut Pro X before being added to the Zoo’s own YouTube account.

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