Business video is now an essential component of a company’s marketing mix but one cap doesn’t fit all and Catalyst Video Services produce many types of video depending on your type of company and marketing objectives.

Catalyst Video Services offer a complete website video production service. Filming, editing, copywriting, music and voice-over are all produced in-house to create affordable information videos that can easily be embedded into your company’s website and social media sites or supplied on DVD.

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Video services - Video editing with Final Cut Pro XProfessional video editing with Final Cut Pro X

Infographic to explain the video production process

Video is a vibrant and exciting communication tool, which can be shared with millions over the internet. Catalyst’s video services enables engagement with your clients or customers and is an invaluable marketing tool that can be used to promote your business. Through video, information can be voiced or visualised in a such a way that maintains the engagement of your audience, empowering you to get your message across in an effective, easy to retain manner.

Videos can be uploaded to social media, streamed through your website or distributed on DVDs. They can also be incorporated into PowerPoint presentations or displayed on screens in reception areas or used at exhibitions and conferences. The possibilities are endless!

Catalyst Video Services provide a solution that covers all stages of producing an effective end product, including:

  • Filming and sound recording
  • Video editing and manipulation
  • DVD production and duplication
  • Online streaming solutions

Our approach to filming is informal, putting the individual at ease and we aim to be as unobtrusive as possible. We find this gives a more natural, un-staged result.

We edit the footage to produce a finished film, which can be as simple or as elaborate as you require. We can add introduction sequences, company logos, music, commentary and captions and anything else you may require, to create a fully finished product.

Once completed, we can help our clients to distribute the content over a range of media including:

  • DVD production and duplication – can be sent out as a promotional item
  • Streaming from websites – content can be frequently updated

To find out more, browse the categories below or contact us today to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quote.

Corporate videos

Corporate video production

Introduce your company with a corporate video. Showcase key people, services, products, company history and why your company is different.

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Services videos

Video production for business services

Services in action. Service is an abstract concept to sell. Video makes it easy to tell.

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Property videos

Property video production

Property videos help to increase sales.‘Walk throughs’ bring a property to life instead of trying to imagine the flow of rooms and layout.

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Product videos

Product videos

Bring your product to life. Communicate a lot of information in a few seconds as to why yours is the best you can buy.

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Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos

Demonstration videos increase understanding. Remove the how & why guesswork about how your product or service functions.

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Events videos

Video production for business events

Record your exhibition or event. Recording an event is excellent for PR, future presentations, training, posterity and fun.

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