‘Talking head’ marketing videos – People watch other people

It’s a known fact that having video on websites makes it 53% more likely that your website will show up on the first page of Google search. It’s also a known fact that customers who look at videos of products and services are 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t!

We’re not psychoanalysts in our spare time but we have noticed in ourselves and in other people that…people watch people. Perhaps we’re all fascinated by our race and what makes us all different but those of us of a certain age all knew who Victor Kiam was simply because he spoke directly to us from the telly. Sadly he’s now bought the farm but his magic still works. Now it’s video, not the telly. You become engaged with a person speaking directly to you – it’s more believable and you can tell a lot about the potential of the company, service or product that’s on offer.

What are the advantages of including ‘Talking head’ marketing videos on your business website?

We don’t advocate this for every business but Catalyst do feel strongly that we can make dynamic and engaging videos that create messages that resonate and inform the people watching them. By filming at different angles and cutting in with other relevant shots, we create a company video that promotes the brand personality and genuineness of the company and reaches out to the viewer in a believable way.

Benefits of adding ‘Talking head’ marketing videos to your company website:

  • Engage your customer by speaking to them directly – you can impart a lot by the intonation of your voice
  • Introduce yourself as a key member of staff
  • Let people see who’s behind the brand – it’s a human face!
  • Inform your customer about your products or service in a relaxed and believable manner
  • Highlight particular features and benefits
  • A question and answer scenario can help to promote understanding of your business and benefits
  • Strongly brand your company as a market leader
  • Remember that people buy from people

Although a talking heads clip is relatively quick to film and can be filmed in almost any location, many key staff members have little time to spare for this and therefore good preparation is essential. We always prepare a script or questions and answers for our clients (the interviewer can be edited out) but it is most important that the speaker is feeling confident about what they are saying (feeling relaxed starts to kick in after one or two takes!).

How Catalyst can ‘spice up’ your talking head marketing videos

  • Using two cameras: Shooting with two cameras is the first step for creating more dynamic videos. By alternating perspectives on your subject, your viewer is less likely to grow bored. In addition, using a second, floating camera gives us the option to integrate more creative cinematography.
  • Vary the depth of field: In many talking-head videos, the distance between the camera and subject never changes. This creates a static feel and causes the video to drag. However, switching from tight shots to wider ones with a deeper depth of field improves the pacing of your video and allows us to emphasize important statements.
  • Tilting and panning: Let’s start with basic definitions: Tilting is when you move the camera vertically while panning is when you move it horizontally. Adding these simple techniques as we film lets us accentuate transitions and segues. Plus, doing so adds movement to otherwise static scenes.
  • B-roll: Shooting and incorporating b-roll—contextual video that supports your story brings a talking-head video to life. B-roll not only makes a video more interesting to watch, it adds a compelling visual element to your story. Even if it’s simply depicting the interviewee in a meeting or at a white board, b-roll goes a long way toward enhancing both your subject and your message.

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