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I was a bit nervous about my appointment with Segway. I’d seen people riding them and it looked easy enough but I hadn’t the first clue how they worked. So, I Googled ‘How to ride a Segway’ and it showed me everything I needed to know.

Demonstration video is fantastic for showing your viewer your product in close-up detail, how it works, how to use your product and most of all, instils confidence to go ahead and buy. Giving extra information also acts as a wonderful PR tool for your business. By supplying hints and tips and being generally open instead of secretive, people will register that this company is open, friendly, trustworthy – something that’s not always easy to identify by looking at a website alone.

Demonstration video for CamAlarms Ltd

Demonstration video for DALROD UK Ltd

What are the advantages of a demonstration video on your website?

  • You can communicate a lot of information in a few seconds
  • Remove the how & why guesswork about how your product or service functions
  • Close-up shots show exactly how to do it and how well your product or service works
  • No need for expensive diagrams – they can see it work for themselves
  • Helps to reduce the frequency of after-sales ‘how does it work?’ enquiries
  • You can add other of your products into the shot that may encourage people to use what you’re using
  • Viewers would rather watch and listen than read an explanation of its usefulness
  • The personal touch can employ humour and personality that encourage purchases
  • Your brand personality can really shine

Seeing is believing so they say. A demonstration video shows that it can be done and your viewer can easily follow the steps. A demonstration video instils confidence in your potential purchaser, confidence about the product and confidence in their ability to use it. They will leave your website feeling good about your company – tell their friends and colleagues and think about your company for their next purchase, not your competitors.

Recent Demonstration Videos

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