Catalyst Video Services recently provided aerial photos of development land for a site in Cambridgeshire that has gained planning permission. The images, commissioned by a Lincolnshire-based architecture and planning consultants, will be combined with photo montage of their proposals to promote a small ‘off grid eco house’ development.

Aerial photos of development land – site context and presentation is critical

The client was very specific about the views that were required in order to be able to show the impact on nearby housing and the effects on the environment. Catalyst were able to supply a range of views taken from different heights and aspects. Site context and presentation is critical to ensure a planning proposal is correctly considered. Our aerial photography services ensure that these factors are able to be clearly and attractively incorporated into your planning or development proposals.

Why not use Google Maps?

Services such as Google Maps are often outdated and lack the detail required. Current aerial imagery, sympathetic to the proposal brief, offers the best way to present site context and condition with little room for misinterpretation.

Plan views to videos

Our services include plan view imagery, fully edited promotional photography and videography. Catalyst can also provide edited images with boundaries marked, areas highlighted and distracting features removed if necessary. Video footage can be supplied either ‘raw’ or combined with company branding, titling, captions, or subtitles and then exported and uploaded to a client’s YouTube or Vimeo channel if required.

All work undertaken legally and fully insured

Our work is all carried out under current Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) PfCO approval, required in the UK for commercial drone operation. We are fully insured compliant to regulation EC 785/2004, as required by the CAA. Catalyst always undertake a full pre- and onsite survey and a full risk assessment before any flight to ensure all aspects of the operation are carried out safely.

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