Aerial property photography helps to sell. Seven benefits:

1. Aerial property photography adds dimension to the property.

Aerial property photography enables you to see the full extent of the house, extensions, the gardens, outbuildings, paths and perimeters all in one shot. We can highlight or border the perimeter of the property to show additional land etc. Looking at properties can be confusing if you don’t know them and several separate images don’t always make the extent of the offering clear. An aerial photo can get the information over in just one image.

aerial property photographyAerial images show the house, garden and out buildings clearly

Aerial property photographyAerial images showing extent of property and garden

Aerial photography - property

2. Aerial property photography adds interest.

Often properties can appear drab or uninteresting from the ground. An aerial view adds a whole new dramatic dimension to the property portfolio

3. Aerial property photography is a great way to show the surrounding area.

If the property is in a picturesque town or village it’s not always easy to convey that from ground level. Separate images of a nearby church, lake or green area don’t tell the whole story – are they next door or a mile away? An aerial image can include both the property and the landmark with ease which immediately explains the setting. For example, if your property is “A short stroll from the beach” you could prove that with an aerial photograph of the property with the beach in the distance. You can prove how close the property is in relation to any important landmarks, parks and give a real sense of size as well.

aerial property photography

aerial property photography

Ariel property photography

4. Stand out from your competitors on websites like Rightmove, Zoopla, and Prime Location.

Aerial photographs are always interesting to look at and a ‘birds eye view’ can really make your property stand out from the crowd.

Property aerial photography - Catalyst Video Services

5. Google maps and Google Earth are often out of date or taken at the ‘wrong time of year’.

By using a drone we can photograph from any angle from ground level to straight overhead to give an up-to-date and accurate view of the property at anytime of the year, showing the property at its full potential. Or maybe the property is contained within a new development that doesn’t even appear on Google maps.

Aerial HDR imagesNew development

Aerial photography - propertyNew development

6. Show views from a proposed development.

It can be quite hard to imagine what the view might be like from a fourth floor apartment for instance. A drone can be flown very accurately to a pre-determined height to show developers and potential customers the view they will get.

aerial property photography

7. Aerial property photography is now very affordable.

Catalyst Video Services can provide a set of high-resolution aerial images of a property from as little as £250.00 +VAT.

Catalyst Video Services offer a professional and fully qualified HD drone photography service alongside years of experience using Adobe professional image editing software to provide stunning aerial images that will make your project stand out from the crowd.

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