BNUC-S qualified drone pilot Paul Crank at Catalyst Video Services

Paul Crank of Catalyst Video Services has recently attained a BNUC-S drone pilot qualification to allow the use of a video drone for commercial videography.

Catalyst Video Services can now add aerial footage to the types of shots possible when producing a commercial video for its clients.

What is a BNUC qualification?

The Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC™), introduced by EuroUSC™ in 2007, was the first commercial drone pilot qualification for remotely piloted aircraft below 150kg. In recognition of EuroUSC™’s expertise the UK Civil Aviation Authority commissioned EuroUSC™ in January 2010 to write the first drone pilot qualification standard for small sub 20kg drones relevant to fixed wing, rotary and multi-rotor systems. Subsequently, the Basic National UAS Certificate (BNUC-S™) has become the preferred drone pilot qualification required by many National Aviation Authorities before a Permission (PFAW) or Exemption is granted to an Operator.

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BNUC-S qualified drone pilot – what’s involved?

The BNUC-S™ pilot qualification can be attained by passing both a two day Part 1 Theory course and Part 2 Flight Operations Assessment. The qualification also requires the completion of an extensive Operations Manual and a series of checklists and logs to ensure correct procedures are followed throughout any flight operation. These items are then submitted on an annual basis for confirmation of procedural compliance.

To encourage safe operation in this new industry the Part 1 Theory course is open to all those who are interested in the regulatory and operational environment for Drones. The Part 1 examination is optional for those who do not require the full BNUC-S™ qualification.

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